Corporate Affairs Sustainability Manager at International Breweries


  • International Breweries Plc was incorporated in December 1971 by its founder and first Chairman, Dr. Lawrence Omole under the name International Breweries Limited. The Company commenced production of its flagship product Trophy Lager in December 1978 with an installed capacity of 200,000 hectoliters per annum.
    Following the increasing demand for its produ…

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    Corporate Affairs Sustainability Manager

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification
    • Experience
    • Location Ogun
    • Job Field Media / Advertising / Branding&nbsp

    Job Purpose:

    • The key purpose of this role is to develop communication and advocacy strategies that are aligned with business objectives and also anticipate challenges, protect, enhance reputation and manage dialogue with stakeholders.

    Key Roles & Responsibilities:


    Develop the Corporate Affairs Strategic Plan and Goals

    • Reputation and licence to trade risk factors proactively identified
    • nternal and External stakeholders expectations and perception monitored to ensure alignment of the plan.

    Manage the Implementation of the Corporate affairs Plan and Goals

    • Team and Individual goals agreed and implemented
    • Provide proactive leadership to deliver high performance and achieve functional goals.
    • Corporate affairs initiatives integrated with other business activities to optimise synergies.

    Safeguard Compliance with Corporate Affairs ways & policies implementation

    • Corporate affairs policies to ensure consistent governance in the business.
    • Implement responsible alcohol way to ensure consistency with group practices in the local business.

    Guide Business Thinking and Practice to Achieve Integrated Reputation Management

    • Stakeholder expectations and perceptions closely monitored with objectives to identify potential gaps and reputation risks.
    • Internal and External stakeholder relationships, the media and internal communications leveraged to build, manage and enhance reputation

    Build a culture of alcohol responsibility

    • Leadership role in response around alcohol responsibility.
    • Monitor internal stakeholder commitment to implement responsible alcohol way
    • External stakeholder engaged to constructively debate alcohol issues and build networks and partnership.
    • Source information on regulatory and excise environment and evaluate potential business impact.

    Know the local market, legal and regulatory environment

    • Knowledge of the role of government and pressures it exerts on the industry.
    • Local regulations explained to create a platform for guiding local management decisions and actions.

    Lead and manage Corporate Social Investment

    • CSI plans which reflects local priorities and leverages community and business advantages developed and aligned with overall business and strategic plan.


    Engage with external stakeholders

    • Key strategic stakeholders engaged to enhance reputation and minimize risk.
    • Attitudes and concern of the broader community, consumers, government and interest groups known to assist in formulating a view on their position, objective and likely stance.

     Engage with internal stakeholders

    • Business thinking and decisions on functional priorities influenced through engaging with manager and employees.
    • Awareness, understanding and commitment created to address relevant functional priorities across all areas from organizational projects to individual action
    • Internal engagement process managed to enhance commitment and to gather feedback.


    Manage Corporate Communication

    • Key external stakeholder groups identified according to their impact on business objectives and reputation.

    Sponsor Internal Communication

    • Protocols developed in conjunction with HR to guide content and distribution of internal communications
    • Consistency between internal and external messaging ensured through integrated communication planning.
    • Internal communication goals and plans developed and executed to support business performance goals.

    Manage Crisis Communication

    • Media relations managed and facilitated in crisis to minimise reputational damage and restore stakeholder confidence.
    • Other spokespeople briefed and information flow to the media during a crisis managed so that information is not obtained from unauthorized sources.

    Manage Media Communications

    • Role of spoke person assumed to convey company position as well as to present complex ideas simply and clearly in an authoritative and persuasive way.
    • Relationship with the media proactively developed to create channels of communication with a high degree of accessibility and availability.


    • Good communication skills
    • Right contacts and connected to the right people in government and regulatory agencies
    • Relationship building skills
    • Good self management practice
    • Little guidance and supervision required
    • Knowledge of local trends, laws and practices
    • Ability to engage internal and external stakeholders in dialog
    • Negotiation skills and proactive management of regulatory issues.

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