Request for Proposal – Provision of External Audit Services at Neem Foundation


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    direct response to the problem of insecurity in Nigeria. The Foundation was
    established under Nigerian law in January 2016 and is registered with the
    Corporate Affairs Commission. We are committed to improving the lives of
    those affected by the insurgency and preventing violence …

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    Request for Proposal – Provision of External Audit Services for Sulhu Project

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification
    • Experience
    • Location Abuja
    • Job Field Consultancy&nbsp

    Scope of Audit:

    The scope of the audit includes the following:

    • Allowability of Activities Performed: Determine on a test basis if costs reported are necessary and reasonable for the conduct of the activities to be performed in accordance with the operational
    • budgets sampled.
    • Allowability of Costs: Determine if -Neem Foundation has complied in all material respects with the requirements of its own policies and procedures with respect to allowability of costs
    • incurred. Examine costs incurred for the duration of the project necessity, reasonableness and appropriate documentation.
    • Recordkeeping: Determine if Neem Foundation is maintaining complete accounting records that adequately document each transaction and that the records are maintained in an
    • organized manner that ensures retention and allows for easy retrieval.
    • Cost-share contributions: Determine if there is proper accounting of costs reported for cost share contribution purposes.
    • Status of Corrective Actions: Determine the status of corrective actions related to outstanding recommendations made in prior audits if any

    2. Audit Process
    a) Allowability of Activities Performed

    Review costs on a test basis to verify that they are necessary and reasonable for the performance of the activities for which the cost relates
    b) Allowability of Costs Incurred
    Verify accounting system data for project duration
    Testing shall include tests of transactions and such other auditing procedures necessary to provide the auditor sufficient evidence to support an opinion on compliance
    Perform procedures to verify that costs are in compliance with operational budgets
    Verify that costs are supported by appropriate, detailed supporting documentation for a selection of transactions

    3. Audit Outputs.

    • Hold exit meeting with the Neem Foundation Nigeria Management team
    • Explain any major issues and findings during the exit meeting
    • Send a draft report for management comments
    • Consider all comments on the draft report and incorporate the results into the final report.
    • Final report to include: An opinion (or disclaimer of opinion) as to whether the Statement of
    • Revenue and Expenditures presents fairly, in all material respects, the financial position for
    • The Statement of Revenue and Expenditures identifying the revenues, costs incurred etc
    • Auditors report on internal controls related to Neem Foundation activities. Report shall describe the scope of the testing of internal controls and reportable conditions, including the identification of material weakness in Neem Foundation internal control.
    • Auditors report on compliance with agreement terms and applicable laws and regulations. Material instances of noncompliance must be described in a separate section.
    • A schedule of findings and questioned cost. Findings include but are not limited to reportable conditions in internal control, known fraud etc.
    • Questioned cost (Cost that is questioned by the auditor because of an audit finding):
    • Which resulted from a violation or possible violation of policies
    • Where the cost, at the time of the audit are not supported by adequate documentation
    • Where the cost incurred appear unreasonable and do not reflect the actions a prudent person would take in the circumstances
    • Follow up on prior audit findings if any
    • A report on the auditor’s reviews of schedule of cost-sharing contributions
    • Filling report at the Federal inland Revenue Services and the Corporate Affairs
    • Commissions. Audit findings shall be presented in sufficient detail for Neem Foundation to arrive at a management decision. The following shall be included:
    • The criteria or specific requirement upon which the audit finding is based
    • Facts supporting the deficiency identified in the audit finding
    • Identification of questions costs and how they were computed xi. Whether audit findings represent an isolated or systemic problem. Where appropriate, instances identified shall
    • be examined and quantified in terms of Naira and dollar values
    • Recommendations to prevent future occurrences of the deficiencies (if any) identified in the audit finding.

    4. Others:
    Retention of working papers: Auditors shall retain working papers and reports for a minimum of three years after the date of issuance of the auditor s report.
    Access to working papers: Audit working papers shall be made available upon request by Neem Foundation

    The Complete Request for Proposal Can be Found on Google Drive

    Method of Application

    The Complete Request for Proposal Can be Found on Google Drive

    Email the below sets of documents as one attachment:
    1. Proposal with a detailed budget.

    The proposal must include:

    Profile of Consultant with relevant work experience

    Tax Identification Number
    Certificate of Incorporation – Corporate Affairs Commission
    TCC for the last 3 years
    Company Profile which will indicating the qualification and experience of principal partner and key staff withing the audit firm
    Two reference letters from contracts executed
    Last 3 years audited financial statement
    All documents should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF formats to

    Note: Never pay for any training, certificate, assessment, or testing to the recruiter.

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