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  • 3101 Media Limited, a media and public relations company, in the business of providing media, branding and public relations services in Nigeria. 

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    • Open Jobs
      1. In-House Senior Media Relations Officer
      2. In-House Copywriter
      3. In-House Researcher
      4. In-House Client Service Associate
      5. In-House Graphic Designer
    • Method of Application

    In-House Senior Media Relations Officer

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
    • Experience None
    • Location Lagos
    • Job Field Media / Advertising / Branding&nbsp

    The Ideal Candidate

    3101 Media Limited is looking to hire a dependable Senior Media Relations Officer who is responsible for positioning, promoting, and protecting the company and its clients’ reputation by developing and executing media and public relations strategies – monitoring and tracking media coverage; organizing media briefings and press conferences; managing crisis communications; media coaching; and serving as official company spokesperson. He/She must establish and implement strategic communications plans; and develops, writes messaging for press releases and pitches, talking points, social media accounts, speeches, media statements, op-eds, letters to the editor, etc.

    Description of Duties and Tasks 

    Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. 

    1.  Acts as the Lead in developing, implementing, and measuring external and internal media-based communication plans. 

    2. Serve as a first contact person for all media queries- Manage day-to-day media relations/media requests for the company and its clients. 

    3. Collaborate with team members in a timely manner to determine appropriate media responses via various channels. 

    4. Develop written materials including press kits, articles, and publications, media standby statements on brand and corporate issues as required. 

    5. Update company’s website with weekly media content. 

    6. Build relationships with key media contacts and identify opportunities to proactively pitch brand and incorporate stories across all media. 

    7. Help oversee client’s brief from kick off through to completion with media relations support. 

    8. Provide guidance and direction on all matters related to media relations for the company and its clients and review all Brand PR materials to ensure communication is accurate, relevant, and consistent and meets the overall goal.  

    9. Create, coordinate, evaluate the effectiveness of in-house media programs and communicate results back to business. 

    10. Must provide monthly media reports for the company and clients. 

    11. Serve as senior editor and provide communications content for Intranet. 

    12. Responsible for daily News Briefs processes.

    13. Invite and coordinate media during events – press conferences, junkets, etc. 

    14.  Provide effective crisis management solutions in times of need. 

    15. Conduct research and analyze public opinion.

    16. Assist in the development and implementation of Brand PR programs to support brand-building initiatives/innovation/corporate promotions. 

    Senior Media Relations Requirements

    1.  Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations or related field. M.A Degree is a plus. 

    2. 5- 6 years experience working in a Media Relations role or in Public Relations. 

    3. Proven track record designing and executing successful public relations campaigns at both regional and international level.

    4.  Must possess excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills with strong writing and editorial abilities. 

    5. Highly organized with the ability to multitask. 

    6. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, internet, wire services, media monitoring software, and other public relation tools.

    7. Demonstrated success with Social Media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others is a plus. 

    8. Must possess strong project management skills. 

    9.  Must be able to meet tight deadlines and execute flawlessly on projects in a fast-paced, often pressured environment and see a project through to completion. 

    10. Must have the ability to be an influential communications consultant within the organization.

    11. Experience in acting as a company spokesperson.

    12.  Must have the ability to work effectively with a team. 

    13. Must be capable of maintaining confidentiality, with a high level of accuracy regarding information. 

    14.  Proven ability to develop and maintain strong professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders and work effectively with all levels of employees is critical.

    15.  Must have a strong database of media contacts. 


    1. Impeccable Communications Skill 

    2. Creative

    3. Highly proficient in Microsoft Office, Dropbox & Google Drive

    4. Awareness of Local & International Media Landscape 

    5. Critical Thinking & Decision Making 

    6. Business Development foresight

    7. High energy

    8. Efficient

    9. Networking and Relationship Building 

    10. Planning and Organizing 

    11. Good Problem Solving Skills.

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    In-House Copywriter

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification
    • Experience 3 – 5 years
    • Location Lagos
    • Job Field Media / Advertising / Branding&nbsp

    The Ideal Candidate

    At 3101 Media, we believe remarkable talent, enthusiasm, and creative thinking add up to great work. We’re looking to hire a dependable creative thinker with excellent writing and research skills as our full-time, in-house copywriter. He/she will write and edit copy on a variety of projects (including print, web, mobile, video, and social media), working closely with the accounts and design team to brainstorm ideas, create concepts, and develop messaging. Thorough research and interviews will be required to understand each client’s industry, products/services, branding, and marketing goals. The successful candidate is expected to help define brand voice and ensure that all copies are consistent. Must be a quick learner with a versatile writing style.

    Description of Duties and Tasks 

    Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. 

    1. Interpreting account briefs

    2. Researching clients their competitors and the target audience

    3. Producing original, clear, and credible ideas/messages/scripts, and presenting these to clients and colleagues

    4. Write copies for a variety of media including social, print, emailers, radio, and tv.

    5. Edit and proof work to ensure high editorial standards are met across all content outputs.

    6. Collaborate with the team; creative, product, media, and designer to assess project needs and help with messaging.

    7. Creation of content calendars, pitch decks, proposals, etc. 

    8. Interpret creative direction and adapt points from creative briefs into persuasive copy concepts. 

    9. Drive brand consistency across all company communications.

    10. Produce error-free content and adhere to brand guidelines.

    11. Stay current on trends and competitors within the editorial sphere.

    12. See projects through the whole creative lifestyle, from inception to deployment.

    13. Simultaneously manage multiple projects within short deadlines.

    14. Write high-engagement social media content that reflects the brand’s voice.

    15. Propose copy concepts and present underlying strategic thinking on all copies.

    16. Works closely with in-house researchers to create production content for the company. 

    17. Monitoring campaign effectiveness.

    18. Updating and amending campaigns according to feedback.

    19. Writing reports.

    Copywriter’s Requirements

    1. Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Marketing, or Communications.

    2. 3-5 years experience in content marketing or copywriting, preferably with an agency.

    3. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications – including word, excel, PowerPoint, communicator, and outlook.

    4. Proofreading experience and familiarity with standard style guides a plus. 

    5. Strong creative thinking skills and ability to think conceptually.

    6. Comfortable working independently with little direction under tight deadlines.

    7. Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills with a diligent eye for detail and appreciation of great design, language, flow, and grammar.

    8. Experience in producing copy for digital, print, and broadcast channels.

    9. Exceptional skills with the nuances of social media writing including the use of hashtags, emojis, and acronyms.

    10. Proven ability to demonstrate brand voice.

    11. Solid understanding of SEO concepts preferred. 

    12. Excellent portfolio of work.

    13.  Highly creative, imaginative to produce innovative and original ideas.

    14. Must have an interest in popular culture, new advertising trends, and techniques. 

    15. Must be able to work well in a team.

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    In-House Researcher

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
    • Experience None
    • Location Lagos
    • Job Field Data Science / Research&nbsp

    The Ideal Candidate

    3101 Media Limited is looking to hire a dependable Researcher to work on various company projects. The Researcher’s duties include aligning methodologies with research goals, using a range of tools to acquire information and interpret data, writing up reports and presenting findings and schedules to management and other stakeholders, identifying trends and patterns, conducting fieldwork and tests when required, as well as protecting databases and confidential information. You should be able to deliver presentations and communicate effectively at all levels.

    To be the best possible candidate for the role, you should be resourceful, and demonstrate excellent time management and patience in order to be able to meet strict deadlines.

    Description of Duties and Tasks 

    Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. 

    1. Interpreting research specifications and developing a work plan that satisfies requirements.

    2. Conducting physical and online research, and using books, journal articles, newspaper sources, questionnaires, surveys, polls, and interviews to gather data.

    3. Sourcing and researching facts, figures, and information using the internet, film and tape archives, specialist collections, picture libraries, museums, etc. 

    4. Conveying findings accurately to others in reports.

    5. Ability to act as a media researcher and work with a production team to conduct field research, prepare budget and time schedules. 

    6. Analyzing and interpreting patterns and trends.

    7. Recording findings by taking written notes and using appropriate software.

    8. Maintaining and protecting electronic databases.

    9. Anticipating research issues and promptly resolving them.

    10. Promptly reporting any problems to the relevant stakeholders.

    11. Following a strict code of ethics and protecting any confidential information at all times.

    12. Writing proposals and delivering presentations when required.

    The role as a researcher will also require the following:

    1. Meeting with producers, directors, designers, presenters, and writers to discuss the research needs of a programme.

    2. Work closely with the in-house copywriter to produce content ideas/programmes.

    3. Assessing contributors’ suitability for the programme, researching and booking appropriate people and locations.

    4. Briefing copy writers and presenters on topics, assist with updating scripts and editing reports.

    5. Sourcing copyright for literary and music sources and gaining clearance for any materials used.

    Researcher Requirements

    1. A Bachelor’s degree in research, economics, or any related field required.

    2. 4 years of extensive and proven experience in a research field.

    3. Sound understanding of research and testing methodologies.

    4. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications – including word, excel, PowerPoint, communicator, and outlook.

    5. Good understanding of broadcasting and media & production.

    6. Strong math and statistical skills.

    7. Experience using statistical analysis software.

    8. Strong problem-solving skills.

    9. Well-versed in database management.

    10. Attention to detail and exceptional written, verbal, and telephonic communication skills.

    11. In-depth knowledge of specific field. 

    12. Perform objective and ethical research at all times.

    13. Visual thinking and the ability to be adaptable yet methodical.

    14. An instinct for a good story.

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    In-House Client Service Associate

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
    • Experience None
    • Location Lagos
    • Job Field Customer Care&nbsp

    The Ideal Candidate

    3101 Media Limited is looking to hire a dependable Client Service Associate who is excited at the prospect of contributing to the growth and success of our business. 

    He/she must be able to develop the best possible strategies for clients’ businesses that will increase sales while providing a positive experience for all clients. Must be accountable for all aspects of the delivery of work to clients and support 3101 media with administrative and financial needs. 

    Description of Duties and Tasks 

    Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. 

    1. Ability to liaise with clients and provide outstanding services to ensure client satisfaction. 

    2. Ensure all work is completed on time, delivered to the clients’ strategy and budget.

    3. Analyze, address client’s inquiries or concerns and work with the team to provide results in a timely fashion.

    4. Develop processes for improvement to meet or exceed client’s needs. 

    5. Ability to coordinate and document client’s information flow accurately and forward information to interested parties on time. 

    6. Ability to present approved plans to management and clients.

    7. Maintain a database of clients’ information for record-keeping,  organize, scan, and maintain all paper/electronic client files. 

    8. Organize regular client meetings and ensure necessary parties are on the call.

    9. Ability to determine the strategic direction and tone for all client accounts.

    10.  Strengthen agency and client relationship.

    11.  Create strategic partnerships for clients.

    12.  Identify and develop new opportunities within existing clients to maximise account growth.

    13.  Generate weekly client service reports for management. 

    14.  Notify clients on what their competitors are doing in the market and stay up-to-date with all information related to the client’s products and services.

    15.  Develop key objectives and manage all assigned projects/tasks to achieve key objectives of every plan in a timely manner. 

    16. Continually evaluate day-to-day activities for process improvement opportunities.

    17.  May be asked to perform production implementations and solve production issues.

    18.  Establish and maintain a positive and professional relationship with clients. 

    19.  Assist in setting & managing client expectations for completion of work.

    20.  Volunteers willing to assist others, or assist as requested, based upon workload.

    21.  Organize, manage, and track multiple detailed tasks and assignments with frequently changing priorities and deadlines in a fast-paced work environment.

    Client Service Associate Requirements

    1. 2- 3+ years of Client Service experience. 

    2. Track record of over-achieving quota. 

    3. Strong account management handling skills and active listening. 

    4. Excellent communication and presentation skills. 

    5. Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively. 

    6. Extensive knowledge of the FMCG Industry. 

    7. Ability to explain complex concepts in a clear, simple manner to clients and team members. 

    8. Strong command of written and verbal English. 

    9. Excellent client service, organizational, and multitasking skills. 

    10. Must be detail-oriented. 

    11. Must be able to work independently and as a team player. 

    1. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications – including word, excel, PowerPoint, communicator, and outlook.

    1.  Ability to maintain a calm and polite manner in stressful situations. 

    2.  Willingness to cooperate with clients and management to resolve any issues that may arise. 

    3.  Time management skills.

    4.  Interest in keeping up with new technologies and trends.

    5.  Mathematical ability.

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    In-House Graphic Designer

    • Job Type Full Time
    • Qualification BA/BSc/HND
    • Experience None
    • Location Lagos
    • Job Field Media / Advertising / Branding&nbsp

    The Ideal Candidate

    3101 Media Limited is looking to hire a dependable Graphic Design Specialist with 3-4 years of experience in the management of complete design processes, from conceptualization to delivery. A Bachelor’s degree in a related field. 

    He/she must be ambitious and well-skilled in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), Microsoft Office Suite, and web design applications (Dreamweaver, HTML). Must have the ability to work on a variety of projects and vendors. 

    Description of Duties and Tasks 

    Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. 

    1. Study design briefs, conceptualize visuals, and determine requirements.

    2. Originate design concept and layout for materials including photo selection, digital manipulation, and font usage adhering to 3101 Media’s brand standards; generate updates and changes as needed. 

    3. Create a variety of marketing collaterals which includes Presentation decks, logos, infographics, brochures, catalogs, print ads, posters, flyers, booklets, newsletters, and promotional merchandise in line with 3101 and its client’s brand vision.

    4. Collaborate with the team on design concepts for 3101 media’s projects – text that accompanies the design to ensure it meets the needs of the client, the message the design should portray, and its appeal to end-users.

    5. Prepare electronic files according to commercial printer’s requirements, sending approved files to the printers, and reviewing the final product to ensure it is accurate. 

    6. Giving support and advice to the team on a wide range of Graphic Design processes. 

    7. Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand

    8. Creating and maintaining graphics for the company’s website.

    9. Take part in brainstorming sessions

    10. Compiling a library of standard, user-friendly templates ready to use 

    Key Skills and Competencies

    1. Experience in working with a variety of well-known clients.  

    2. Can maintain effectiveness and focus in a fast-moving and changing environment.  

    3. Maintaining an established work schedule

    4. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, advanced in Illustrator and Photoshop.

    5. In-depth knowledge of typography and colour-matching.  

    6. Working experience using platforms such as HTML5, CSS3, and Java.

    7. Maintaining confidentiality of work-related information and materials.

    8. Effectively using interpersonal and communications skills including tact, diplomacy 

    9. Meticulous attention to detail, follow-through, and adherence to brand standards. 

    10. Initiative to work both independently and in teams, budgeting time and meeting deadlines and production schedules. 

    11. Effectively use of initiative to stay updated on the latest trends and practices in graphic design. 

    12. Excellent spelling, grammar, and proofreading skills and developing PowerPoint presentations.


    1. Comfortable working within a team as the only designer in the office.

    2. An excellent communicator who can confidently articulate and visualise design ideas.

    3. Ability to work quickly and meticulously.

    4. Dedicated work ethic and ability to work overtime when needed.

    Areas of Expertise 

    1. Photo research

    2. Cascading templates

    3. Visual media

    4. Content creation

    5. Artwork

    Method of Application

    Interview Dates:

    Tuesday, 6th – Friday, 9th April 2021

    Start Date:


    Working Hours:

    Mondays – Fridays, 9am – 5pm. 

    C.V Submission:

    If you are interested in this role, kindly send your C.V to  

    Note: Never pay for any training, certificate, assessment, or testing to the recruiter.

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