Medical Officer
Location : Lagos

Job Description

We are looking for highly organized candidates with extensive experience in both medical and management roles. Medical Officers are responsible for managing hospital budgets, recruiting and training healthcare physicians, ensuring that all staff adhere to safety standards and delivering the highest quality of medical care.

Medical Officers are expected to act as mentors to their physicians and medical staff, requiring good leadership qualities, patience and confidence.

Chief Medical Officer
Balancing the duties of a physician with that of an administrator.
Ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of medical care.
Being responsible for the performance of physicians under your supervision.
Ensuring that all healthcare regulations and safety standards are met.
Keeping staff updated on new healthcare regulations.
Finding ways to improve clinical services.
Liaising between administration and medical staff.
Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer or Board of Directors.
Recruiting and mentoring physicians.
Developing and managing a hospital budget.

Medical Officer Requirements:

Medical degree.
Valid medical license.
2-5 years experience in general medicine
Good organizational skills.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Exceptional interpersonal skills.

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