Learning and Development (L&D) Coordinator
(similar names: Head of Training, Learning and Development Manager, Corporate Training Manager, Training Consultant)
Job Brief
The Training and Development Manager helps the business to keep ahead of the ever-changing business environment in terms of trends and practices. The Training and Development Manager is responsible for the delivery of business-wide training initiatives that drive the business’s growth strategies.
The Training and Development Manager is responsible for the development, coordination, delivery, tracking and reporting of employee training programs in the business and reports directly to the Senior Human Resources Manager. The Training and Development Manager must have a love of efficiency and a willingness to champion organizational change.

• Coordination / Support: Taking initiative in assisting individual employees in the maintenance and improvement of their job skills and preparation for promotions or roles that demand greater skills; understanding and assessing L&D needs; designing and implementing L&D programs (including budgeting); setting up individualized training programs in order to strengthen employees’ existing skills or to cultivate new ones; responding to training requests from departmental leads or project leaders to develop and deliver training on time and within the requested budget.; onboarding new employees, ensuring indoctrination into the company culture, incorporating them into their departments and ensuring that basic skills and knowledge are covered
• Analysis and Innovation: Designing and innovating on methods to measure, analyze and improve the effectiveness of L&D initiatives; analyzing and reviewing implemented programs and vendors/training providers; prepare knowledge products (reports, presentations, publications) to share what works
• Relationship Management: Proactively research and identify potential partners and determine if they are a good service provider; build and maintain relationships with a growing network of training providers.
• Knowledge of learning and development best practices.
• A proven track record of training program development and management.
• Excellent leadership skills.
• 2-3 Years Experience as L&D Coordinator or related in a fast-paced and highly competitive business environment.
• B.sc(ed) or B.sc in Human Resource Management or related.
• Excellent presentation skills.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• At least a bachelor’s degree in education, human resources or a related discipline.
• CIPM and NITAD is an added advantage.

Qualified Candidates should forward CVs to lorachevacancy@gmail.com using Job Title as the subject of the mail

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